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"Our Mission & Vision is to empower individuals and families with comprehensive insurance solutions and financial guidance, ensuring peace of mind and security in every aspect of their lives. We are committed to fostering trust, transparency, and exceptional customer service, driven by our passion for helping our clients achieve their goals and protect their loved ones."

Who is Rajdeep Dhaliwal?

Rajdeep Dhaliwal is a fully independent insurance expert and financial advisor in Calgary, Alberta, Canada who migrated from India to Canada with big dreams in his mind. Here in Canada by graduating and serving the insurance industry for several years, he became an undisputed insurance expert cum financial advisor with unmatched experience.


Personal and Family Insurance Services

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Life Insurance

Rajdeep Dhaliwal is a seasoned life insurance expert and financial advisor operating independently in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance provides financial protection in the event that you are diagnosed with a serious illness covered by your policy.

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Supervisa Medical Insurance

Rajdeep Dhaliwal provides Supervisa Medical Insurance services in Calgary and the surrounding cities.

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Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is a type of coverage that provides financial protection to individuals who are unable to work due to a disability or illness.

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Visitor Insurance

Rajdeep Dhaliwal provides comprehensive visitor insurance services in Calgary & the surrounding areas.

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Mortage Insurance

Rajdeep Dhaliwal offers Mortgage insurance services in Calgary and surrounding cities.

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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance offers crucial protection for individuals embarking on trips, whether for business or leisure.

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Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) and Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) are two important investment vehicles in Canada.


Auto and Business Insurance Services

Language Experts In Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu & Nepal

Calgary Asian Community Leader

Certified Financial Security Advisor

Local Calgary Licensed Insurance Agent


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01 Jan

Privacy Policy

Updated: 2024/01/05

Privacy policies for Raj Deep Dhaliwal Insurance Expert typically cover how personal information is collected, used, and shared. While I can't provide the specific privacy policy for rdhaliwalinsurance.ca, I can outline some common elements you might find in such a policy:

  1. Information Collection: The policy will...

16 Mar

How To Find The Right Travel Insurance Company?

Buying an insurance policy from the best travel insurance companies in Calgary is not an easy thing to do, considering that there are a lot of options and you have to buy something that’s right within your budget.

We know you just want to be protected when you’re traveling abroad, where...

10 Mar

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

If you’re planning to visit Canada, you want to have proper security and protection with you, particularly in the form of an insurance policy.

The thing with Canada is that medical facilities are pretty expensive, which is why visitors that are planning to visit the country should have an insurance...

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