travel medical insurance for visitors to Calgary

Millions of people go abroad every month for leisure, business, study tours, or missionary work. Your domestic insurance may not provide medical bill reimbursement or cover any damage you sustain on these kinds of vacations. This is why getting foreign health insurance for travel is crucial. International medical insurance will provide you with the coverage you need in the event of an emergency overseas, giving you peace of mind while traveling.

travel medical insurance for visitors to Calgary

If you don’t have comprehensive international health insurance coverage, you could find yourself in a financial bind in the event of an emergency while traveling abroad, such as an accident, lost wallet or passport, illness, trip interruption, or even death.

If you have travel medical insurance for visitors Calgary, you are covered for a variety of medical costs incurred while traveling abroad, such as emergency evacuation, hospital bills, medical help, aircraft accidents, and brief returns to your home country, among others.

Medical coverage will help travelers with costs like:

  • Medical services for any new sickness or illness that emerges during the trip: If you fall sick during the flight takeoff or during the flight, the medical expenses incurred would be covered by your travel medical insurance.
  • Healthcare for any accidents or injuries that affect policyholders: Similarly, any accidents or injuries sustained during such accidents would also provide medical cover to the policyholders.
  • Necessary medical evacuations: During any unforeseen catastrophe, if any tourist has to be evacuated and needs medical attention, this would also be covered under the policy.

A travel medical insurance plan usually does not cover:

  • Pre-existing conditions, or other problems related to existing medical situations
  • Preventive care like routine check-ups, exams, immunization shots, etc.
  • Major dental issues
  • Vision treatments, check-ups, or eyeglasses
  • Maternity, pregnancy, or childbirth

Benefits Of Travel Medical Insurance:

  • International health insurance offers financial protection against the high cost of healthcare while you are in a foreign land. This can bring you peace of mind, knowing that you won’t have to pay out of pocket for urgent medical care.
  • Travel Medical Insurance for Visitors Calgary also offers COVID-19 coverage, which can help cover the cost of testing in the event of a pandemic. Covid coverage will cover treatment for COVID like any other new illness and may include a benefit for those required to be quarantined at their destination. 
  • International travel insurance also offers coverage against theft. Your insurance provider will make arrangements for you so you can focus on enjoying your foreign trip with complete peace of mind.

With international healthcare, you can be confident you’ll receive quality healthcare overseas when you need it.

At Rajdeep Dhaliwal, we understand your travel health insurance needs. We take pride in helping you find a suitable travel medical insurance policy that offers much-needed assistance when the unexpected happens. If you have any specific questions regarding international health insurance, contact our Customer Care Team.

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