Best RRSP providers in Calgary

What is RRSP?

A Registered Retirement Savings Plan is a savings plan that you can contribute to for retirement that has been registered with the Canadian federal government. The main purpose of this plan is to provide safety to the client and their family regarding all expenses after their retirement. As long as the money is earned or is still in the RRSP, most income generated by the client is typically tax-free. 

It is highly recommended to hire the best RRSP providers in Calgary who can help you in getting registered for the plan and provide a secure future for you and your loved ones after retirement.

Best RRSP providers in Calgary

How does an RRSP work?

The RRS plan is designed in such a way that it will help the people in saving their money which will be beneficial for them once they will retire. The policy works in such a way for the people that their investment becomes tax deductible and the earnings will grow on a tax-deferred basis.

Usually, people have the freedom to withdraw their funds at any time. But the drawback, which people get is that in the year they have made the early withdrawal at that time, they are subjected to pay income tax like usual.

What different registered retirement savings plans are available?

The RR savings plan offers services to various available types. The types to which they provide different saving-related services are mentioned below. 

  • Individual RRSP: Under this, the registration and related investments are mainly related to the contributor or the person who has registered for the savings plan.

  • Spousal RRSP: In this policy, the pan is registered by the name of a spouse or common-law partner. The plan belongs to one but the other can contribute to it. To get this plan, it is important for you and your partner to be together for at least 12 months and so on.

  • Group RRSP: This policy can be taken specifically by all the employees of the company and help them in a significant way to build capital for retirement by the deduction of their salary on the monthly basis.


  • Self-Directed RRSP: In this, an RRSP is self-directed when the client manages and establishes a portfolio by themselves with the help of a broker. 

For more detailed information about the RRSP savings plan and to know how to get yourself for the plan, do contact Rajdeep Dhaliwal. As he can help you to understand and invest in RRSP the better way as he is known to be one of the best RRSP providers in Calgary.

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